What is compression clothing?

Compression garments are scientifically designed body garments, that when applied to specific body parts in a balanced and accurate way, accelerate blood flow. This allows more oxygen to flow through your working muscles, boosting your performance and helping you work at a higher rate for longer.

Compression sportswear is especially useful for people who have to stand for long periods, or people with poor circulation. Compression garments worn on the legs can help prevent deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling, especially while traveling.

Compression wear is also worn by some athletes during exercise to prevent chafing and rashes, and post-exercise to ease muscle stiffness and quicken recovery time.

The main benefits of compression gear is that it keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue, and wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. In addition, there is some evidence that compression clothes may enhance athletic performance. Compression apparel also helps to keep undergarments in place.