My top 5 workouts
By Carly Nichols

When it comes to a successful workout, there is nothing more satisfying than feeling a burn throughout and after the workout. My workouts consist of circuit training. The next five exercises are ones that I like to incorporate into my workouts as many times a week as I can.

The five best workouts that I most enjoy are;

  1. Box jumps:

For this exercise I usually work 45 seconds followed by a 10 seconds rest.  The jump is 24 inches for the first two rounds whilst the last round is a 30 inch jump.  I really feel this exercise towards the end of a session.

  1. Squat jumps using the TRX

For me this is a super fun exercise. I like to make sure the jump is very explosive, and for this reason I change this to 30 second working, followed by a 10 second break.

  1. Donkey kicks, using resistance bands

My favourite muscles to work and build is my gluteus maximus aka the booty. For this I use donkey kicks, with the help of a resistance band this exercise is a little harder. Again this is done for a working 45 seconds and a 15 seconds rest. I usually do two sets of this.  Throughout the 45 second I count how many kicks I can achieve, and ensure both legs are even.

  1. Boxing sessions

This is the best thing ever, especially towards the end of the week. It’s relaxing and therapeutic. Boxing changes with each session I do, the moves, the rhythm and the sets. My trainer likes to mix it up with what I do. Grab a set of gloves and a pad and let stress flow through your punch, I promise at the end, even if you weren’t stressing about anything you will feel better.

  1. Sled pushes

My all time favourite.  It’s you against that sled. Week by week improvement shows by how the weight you push and how far you can push the sled.  

My trainer at 40+ fitness is super motivating and encouraging. The circuit setting works well for me as it motivates me to work harder, to beat the clock and put one extra in each round. It’s motivating to come back to an exercise you have done in the last session and beat your previous mark.

Find what is right for you! You know your body the best and will know what makes you feel good. As long as you put 100% effort in to any workout you do you will feel the results.