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5 Health & Wellness Tips

15/11/2016 9:06 PM

5 Health and Wellness Tips from Yvette Le Blowitz aka Spa it Girl, Australia’s Active Living Blogger

1. Exercise to feel good instead of just for weight loss, or body shape.  Focus on how exercising makes you feel especially when those happy feel good endorphins kick in.   Make working out a social thing and catch up with your friends at the gym or a yoga class as spending time with others also makes you feel good and is a great motivator to turning up to exercise when you sometimes can’t be both...

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The Secret Of Fit People

16/08/2016 8:43 PM

The secrets of fit people
by Emma from Pilates Wellness Australia

So you may think that some people are just blessed with the exercise gene, however this really couldn’t be further from the truth. What is true however is the level of understanding fit people have around the importance of exercise to their health and overall emotional wellbeing.

 So what is it that separates fit people from the rest?

They make exercise a habit

Fit people know that regular exercise makes them more productive and impro...

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