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Why Celebrities Favour Pilates

14/08/2016 9:17 AM


Do you ever wonder why models and celebrities alike favour Pilates? Part of the reason is that Pilates improves posture, which not only improves the way you look; it also gives you a sense of presence.

Pilates teaches you an awareness of your body, which can improve your alignment and posture outside of classes.

Regular Pilates practice provides you with greater awareness of your posture, support with developing muscle tone to provide asymmetry and balance in your body and improves your overall c...

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What is Xtend Barre?

2/09/2014 8:46 AM

What is Xtend Barre?

Xtend Barre is the premier ballet barre workout… Pilates and Dance Amplified. Andrea Rogers is the creator and owner of the Xtend Barre Workout and has been a professional dancer and choreographer since the age of 18. She’s performed with various celebrities and recording artists such as Enrique Iglesias and Aaron Carter. She’s also traveled the country with several professional dance companies and performed as a principal dancer for Walt Disney World Co. 

Xtend Barre now have...

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