5 Health and Wellness Tips from Yvette Le Blowitz aka Spa it Girl, Australia’s Active Living Blogger

1. Exercise to feel good instead of just for weight loss, or body shape.  Focus on how exercising makes you feel especially when those happy feel good endorphins kick in.   Make working out a social thing and catch up with your friends at the gym or a yoga class as spending time with others also makes you feel good and is a great motivator to turning up to exercise when you sometimes can’t be bothered. Listen to your favourite music while walking or running.  When you start to connect with how exercise makes you feel and the health and wellness benefits that come with it like more energy and how you are able to manage stress better you start to realize that there is way more to exercise then just weight loss and body image and that exercise should be done for self love and not for self hate.

2. Drink plenty of water I know you have heard that time and time before but it’s really important to stay well hydrated during your workout and before and after.  Drinking water will help you feel good, give you great skin glowing skin, it will help with weight loss, flushing out toxins and because we need water to function as a human being it’s a must.  Take your water bottle everywhere you go and drink up.

3. Wear Beautiful Active Wear for me I think this makes a huge difference if you can actually workout in an outfit you love and that makes you feel good it will definitely make you feel more confident. Make sure you wear active wear that’s support, great breathable material, that has compression advantages.

4. Spend time with those who motivate you and who inspire you to live your best Healthiest, Happiest life. If you want to be fit, healthy, and positive than you really need to surround yourself with people who want the same as this will help support you to achieve your own personal goals also.  Steer clear of those who bring your energy levels down and drain you because you need all the energy you can get to workout and be healthy, happy and active.

5. Be Proud of who you are and all of the things you are doing to live a Happy, Healthy, Active Life. Be grateful everyday and count your blessings, remember that nothing lasts forever and everything is going to be ok, try not to get stressed out over the little trivial things you don’t need any more stress in your life.  Love yourself for who you are you are Beautiful so own it and Believe it.   Be grateful everyday and focus on the good positive things that also come from within.  Choose progression over perfection and repeat this daily mantra:  I am healthy, I am happy each day I am trying my best.


Love & Light

Yvette Le Blowitz

Aka Spa it Girl @Spaitgirl


“One of Australia’s Leading Active Living Bloggers” 

Yvette Le Blowitz is the founder of Spa it Girl www.spaitgirl.com which is all about Feeling Good through Active Living, Health, Happiness, Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Day Spa Travel, Kindness, Helping others and wellness.