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About Gabrielle
Gabrielle is a clinical & sports dietitian/nutritionist, exercise physiologist/personal trainer & health coach - so she knows it all. Not only does she all live a very active life, but she also indulges in healthy yet tasty food. 

With exceptional experience in triathlon, strength training, gymnastics, swimming, professional dancing and adventure racing, you'll be sure to find some helpful tips on her site.

It's not all glitz and glamour for Gabrielle and she was not always like this.
"There was a stage in my life that I hated working out because I felt bad about myself and I used it as punishment for eating. Like most people I have had my fair share of fad diets, starvation plans and killer exercise programs. Particularly during my high school years my chronic dieting and strenuous exercise program lead to chronic fatigue and iron deficiency, which ultimately left me anaemic. At this stage I was sick of trying fad diets, sick of spending countless hours at the gym and sick of the lack of results".

Head over to for helpful tips on nutrition, fitness and general inspiration.

Thanks Gabrielle, a pleasure to e-meet you x

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