Do you ever wonder why models and celebrities alike favour Pilates? Part of the reason is that Pilates improves posture, which not only improves the way you look; it also gives you a sense of presence.

Pilates teaches you an awareness of your body, which can improve your alignment and posture outside of classes.

Regular Pilates practice provides you with greater awareness of your posture, support with developing muscle tone to provide asymmetry and balance in your body and improves your overall core strength.

Pilates exercises can be specifically tailored to strengthen weaknesses in your body. These weaknesses are important to correct, as they provide you with balance and symmetry in your body.

Core strength is important not only to make you look great, it also supports your back and helps to prevent low back pain.

Following regular Pilates practice, you will start to notice how you carry yourself every day. This awareness or proprioception (in Pilates speak) forces you to correct yourself automatically, and naturally improves your posture and the way you look.

Regular Pilates practice helps you stretch and lengthen tight muscles, which restrict your movement and can pull you into awkward postures.

Through Pilates, you work on realigning your spine, this means that you will look taller, and sit straighter. The focus alignment of your entire body means that not only do you look taller you also look slimmer.

Pilates also helps you to move with greater ease and efficiency.

Pilates cues used during sessions help you to focus on creating greater length, and imagery cues help you stay aligned long after the class has finished.

This means you will feel lighter on you feet, and virtually leave the studio like you are floating on cloud 9.

So what are you waiting for? Time for Pilates.