Top 3 tips to staying motivated by Carly Nichols.

“Summer bodies are made in winter” I cannot count how many times that has been said to me and how many times I’ve seen it on social media accounts.

But yes its true!!

So how do you stay motivated to get fit and healthy without loosing your mind?

Tip 1. Take progress photos 

I know it can be daunting standing there whilst someone takes photos, or you do it yourself. But whenever I’m starting to feel too lazy to go. I look at the old photos and compare them to the newer ones. I feel this sense of pride and achievement that ultimately gets me motivated.

Whilst progress photos are great for the motivation they are also important to allow you to reflect! Some days you will not go to the gym, or you will not feel the best, which is normal! Its at those times that progress photos really help you sit back and realize how far you have come, and how proud you should be of yourself!

It’s important to know that you take the photos for the right reasons. It’s not to shame yourself at all, but to reflect on the changes that we sometimes don’t see ourselves. We are all unique and beautiful; the photos are merely a tool to help you reflect 

Tip 2. Set goals.

Setting goals allows you to slowly work through and feel the changes in your body. For instance with my interval training for boxing, I do a cycle of twenty fast punches and then ten jump squats in forty seconds. My goal may be to do two cycles for that forty seconds, the next time I do that exercise I will strive for three and so on until the exercise is changed to accommodate my body’s changes. 

Setting goals this way also empowers you! If you do a set easier than what you have done it before, you know you have improved, it’s that simple satisfaction that can motivate you for the next session.

Tip 3.  Buddy up!

When you are a little kid the buddy up system helped us to stay in line, stay with the group, and not get lost. Working out can have the same principle.

You may enlist a buddy in different forms

By having a buddy you are accountable for your actions. If you don’t go to that gym session, or boot camp you have to let your buddy down and explain why you will not be going. This is a great motivator as the buddy system makes you take accountability for your actions. 

Buddy’s can come in all forms. For instance you might go with a family member, friend or even your fur baby.

By having challenges between yourself and your buddy you can motivate each other, help each other to keep on track and support one another when they need it. 

These are my top 3 tips to staying motivated. To check out my summer prep you can follow me on Instagram ( carlynichols_ )