My all time favorite purchases by Carly Nichols

I have brought a few staple pieces from SIX30 and I have never been disappointed at the service, quality and usability of their products. So I thought I would share a few of my all time favorites.

One of my favorite purchases is the midnight mesh crop

It’s difficult to get your head around having a product that is super supportive but also so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. This is what the midnight mesh crop top does.

Usually I will do a Saturday morning work out, which also means I need to grab a few things on the way home. This is where I LOVE the midnight mesh crop.

The crop top is not only super supportive and comfortable, it’s looks good! The design allows me to be in work out gear and do my errands in style. This is where Six30 really stands out, the versatility of the designs not only supports me in my work out, but makes me feel more confidence before, during and after my workout.  The confidence I get from wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in, and like is irreplaceable.  In my IG I am constantly wearing the crop top- its honestly a must have!  


The second product that I have been loving is the galaxy compression shorts. These shorts have such a vibrant colour that you can feel the endorphins kicking in before you even start. I have a German shepherd cross kelpie puppy, who keeps me very active. These shorts are ideal when I hit the beach with my pup, sprint along the sand and go into the water with him.  I was so happy when I realized that these shorts are unlike the others I have, they don’t rise, I don’t have to do an awkward adjustment every two seconds when I run, and they are easy to tighten and loosen when needed. Again these shorts are a must have in summer. 

Six30 go above and beyond to make sure their products are amazing in every aspect, I’m beyond excited to see what they bring out next!