Why buy SIX30 compression clothing and sportswear over other well known brands?

Firstly, SIX30 compression garments feature the same technical properties that the bigger brands do. These include:

1. Accelerates blood flow - allowing more oxygen to flow through your working muscles, boosting your performance and helping you work at a higher rate for longer

2. Reduces the risk of injury - helps decrease physical impact and damage associated with strenuous physical activity

3. Promotes blood lactate removal  - which enhances recovery and also helps injury management

4. Improves the efficiency of your muscle and joint pumps

5. Assists blood flow back to the heart - which makes you more aware of your body's movements

6. Increases proprioception - which heightens your senses and awareness for enhanced sustainability, agility and improved technique

7. Wicks sweat away from the body - preventing chafing and rashes

Secondly, there is no need to pay the earth for technically designed compression wear. At SIX30 we sell high quality sports clothing at an affordable price. 


1. We are a 100% Australian owned family business - we have low management costs

2. We buy direct from the manufacturer and sell to you - no agents, no wholesalers

3. We sell online only - no expensive shop fittings and no high rents

4. We do not sponsor athletes and none of our money is wasted on expensive advertising costs

Read the reviews... The quality of our garments has been compared against 2XU and Skins. The only difference? We are about a third of the price :)