SIX30 recently joined forces with Love Movement and we got to e-meet the gorgeous Jacquie and Gemma (the co-founders)! 

What is Love Movement?
Love Movement is more than an online store; it’s a lifestyle designed to have you looking & feeling amazing.

Jacquie and Gemma were inspired to create a place where active women could find high quality, fun, affordable workout labels in the one place! Love Movement features a careful edit of sportswear brands we know & love and a selection of styles to suit any active life.

We sent a few questions out to the co-founders to give you a litte more insight into what they actually do...

When did you start Love Movement?

Love Movement was officially launched in late November 2013, however work commenced long before that! We enjoyed many months of prep, during which we researched the beautiful collections we were to stock, worked with our Designer to create the Love Movement brand, sat in countless meetings with our Web Development team nutting out the technical side of our website and of course, planning all of the exciting ideas for the business! 

Why did you start Love Movement?

We are both incredibly passionate about fitness & wellness – in fact it was the industry that brought us together! In addition to getting out there and enjoying new fitness trends, we loved discussing our activewear finds – beautiful brands and pieces that motivated us and made us feel amazing when we were wearing them – so this passion, coupled with our love of online retail, meant launching the business was a natural progression. 

Now we get to think about activewear and discuss it with our customers all day long! Dream. Come. True. 

Where did your business name come from?

Quiet simply, the name was inspired by that sensational feeling you get when moving (& loving!) your body. Whether you like hitting the gym, stretching at barre, getting physical in martial arts, or just strolling along the beach, it’s a buzz that’s hard to match. Further than that, movement in life – that momentum that pulls you along as you move towards your goals and dream lifestyle – is another favourite of ours. The name ‘Love Movement’ was born to celebrate both. 

Who did you go into business with? Was this an easy choice?

Launching Love Movement together was the easiest decision we’ve had to make in our business journey. Backed by the solid foundation of friendship, shared values and professional backgrounds that complimented each other perfectly, going into business together just made perfect sense. 

What do you think makes you different to other online retailers in the same industry?

Love Movement is more than an online store – through our blog, our social media channels and the various other initiatives we’re involved in, we aim to continue to build a community of strong, happy women who love being active and sharing their discoveries – whether it’s the perfect pair of compression tights, or a healthy recipe that they create at home - together. 

That said, we also strive to offer a premium online retail experience. From first click to the happy moment your parcel lands at your door, we work hard to ensure 100% customer happiness!   

How have you found is the best way to reach out to your consumers? 

Without doubt, social media! We LOVE connecting with our customers via Instagram and Facebook & the nature of our products mean that these visual mediums are the perfect way to share discoveries, be on hand to answer any questions they may have and also get their feedback. Plus, it’s just so much fun, right?! 

What has been the hardest part of running your business? 

The lack of time! Some days it feels like you have a zillion and one awesome ideas that you’d love to implement and simply not enough hours in the day to do so. But as Instagram has taught us all, we have the same number of hours in the day that Beyoncé does, so rather than dwell on this frustration, it’s a matter of squeezing in what you can. ;)

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your own business?

Without a doubt the customer interaction. Hearing from happy customers who have fallen in love with their new tights, or been inspired to workout in their new crop is the most satisfying feeling ever! Connecting with people who share a common passion (such as the Six30 team!) is intensely rewarding and one that we’re grateful for every day.  

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